Certifications and GMP

Aqma relies upon producers who adhere to quality production standards complying to the main national and international nutraceutical certifications: ISO 13485; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (Haccp); Good Manufacturing Practice (Gmp). In addition, all raw materials resulting from processing are subjected to rigorous analytical controls to ensure EFFECTIVENESS AND COMPLIANCE with current regulations.

Only after an accurate analysis of clinical studies, our experts select the active ingredients and the appropriate concentration of substances to be used for the creation of Aqma products.

The realization is entirely MADE IN ITALY, according to the strictest national and international regulations, and guarantees a high scientific profile and the best results. The constant study, the innovative modulation of the active ingredients, the production in GMP and ISO certified Italian plants, the cooperation with major players in the health industry, public and private hospitals and university clinicsrepresent the working model of AQMA ITALIA.

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